What is Christmas in Action?

Christmas in Action Indy is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit agency that has successfully implemented the “tried and true” idea of “neighbor helping neighbor” by partnering with the community to repair the homes of  low-income, elderly, and/or disabled homeowners.

Christmas in Action began in a Baptist Sunday School Class in Midland, Texas, in 1973. Bobby Trimble became aware of a growing number of elderly neighbors needing help maintaining their homes. Bobby and Shirley Trimble decided to do something about this growing problem and challenged their Sunday School Class to go out and help take care of these seniors and complete the necessary home repairs for free. We felt it was essential that we take care of our elderly and disabled citizens; it was our way of doing mission-work in our own community.

Due to the huge success of this program, Bobby began pairing skilled tradesman and willing volunteers to assist the growing number of seniors whose homes were in need of repair. Their project acquired its name when one elderly beneficiary exclaimed “Why, this is like Christmas.” From those early days, Christmas in Action has spread across the country.

Launched in 1992, with determination and pride, Christmas in Action of Hamilton County has been a leading volunteer organization providing free home repairs for our low-income senior homeowners. Each May, volunteers work side-by-side, together, to improve the quality of life for our seniors while improving our communities. Christmas in Action is a 501(c)(3), grass-roots, neighbor-helping-neighbor, national, non-profit organization, building hope through community partnerships and volunteerism. Our Mission: Volunteers provide free home repairs that enable low-income and handicapped seniors to safely remain in their homes. To accomplish this mission we rely on local businesses, community groups, churches, and individuals to provide financial, material, and volunteer support each year to make Christmas in Action a reality.

As people live longer, there are a tremendous number of low-income and handicapped seniors eager to age in their own homes. One in four of elderly Americans today is “shelter poor,” meaning they cannot afford the basic human necessities after paying housing costs. Every year in various locations, Christmas in Action volunteers restore dignity and quality of life to hundreds of homeowners.

The impact of Christmas in Action is immeasurable. Neighborhoods are improved and strengthened, and unnecessary and costly institutionalizations are avoided. Christmas in Action was summed up by Nellie, an 80 year old widow and handicapped recipient: “This is Love in Action.”